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'been horrible' to Bi, after he saw a message from another man called Ben on a dating app on Bi's mobile phone.A subsequent investigation found his g

irlfriend didn't have such an app on her phone, and there was no one c▓alled Ben among her contacts.Handing down the sentence, Judge Davies, said that Bi had provided Matthews ▓with a home, clothing, and had even bought a car for him.▓ He said the assault was the "tragic▓ culmination" of a number of months of physical and verbal abuse."You lied and lied again in order to attempt to excul

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pate yourself from the overwhelming evidence which was that, during the early hours of August 19 2016 you relentlessly and remorselessly inflicted physical injur▓y upon a defenceless young woman," Judge Davies said.According to the victim impact statement read by Bi's brother, the student's family s▓aid the girl was expected to go on to run t▓heir family's multimillion-pound company and had a bright future with the "whole world in front of her"▓.Born in east China's Nanjing city, Bi Xixi moved to Oxford at the age of 15 to further he▓r education.She was studying for a master's degree

i▓n international business in Cardiff when she met▓ Matthews - who had a black belt in karate - and started showering him with gifts.But after their relationship began, Matthews alleg▓edly began beating Bi and forcing he▓r to miss lectures.Bi died in hospital afte▓r a cardiac arrest, due to the severity of the attack carried out by Matthews, Aug. 18, 2016.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramP▓lease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatLife in space ▓captured on Tiangong-IILife

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in space captured on Tiangong-IILife in space captured on Tiangong▓-II11-01-2016 08:01 BJTBy Xinhua special corre▓spondent Chen DongABOARD TIANGONG-2 -- T

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oday is Oct▓. 30, my 12th day on board Tiangong-2. I am Xinhu▓a space correspondent Chen Dong.I would like to tell you about our in-orbit gravity-free cardi▓ovascular experiments, or as we call the whole process the "▓CDS experiment," which track changes to o▓ur bodies while we are in orbit.The CDS de▓vice features an electrocardiograph (ECG) wire?/p>


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?that has four leads attached to our bodies. It measures▓ things like our heart rate and blood press

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